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Everything about our process, developed with co-author and frequent collaborator Jeannette McClennan of the McClennan Group, is codified in this book. We walk readers through the breakdown and build up inherent to creating or revamping any digital product or service, and show how to stay afloat and transparent at the same time. Familiarity with the process helps our clients expect the unexpected no matter who they're working with.

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What industry experts are saying about Innovators Anonymous

“Jeannette and Flavio unlocked the ‘how’ of digital innovation to deliver a way of working from which every leader can benefit.”

– DR. BILL THOMAS, founder of
and CEO of Minka

“In the age of digital Darwinism, businesses must find ways to deliver value faster, cheaper, and better. Innovators Anonymous gives you the path."

– ALAN WEBBER, Mayor of Santa Fe,
NM and Fast Company Co-Founder

Innovators Anonymous provides a much-needed, hands-on guide that demystifies digital innovation.
It should be on the desk of every marketing
and digital professional. "

which conducts rapid testing panels

“Though their book, Jeannette & Flavio engage the community of innovators in creating a digital culture where leaders are creative, happy
and productive."

Omega Institute

“Jeannette and Flav laid out a model for digital product lifecycle management. Get it or get
left behind."

Consortium Founder

"Innovators Anonymous encourages entrepreneurs to engage in frank discussions about the ups and downs of digital innovation."

– RICH FELLER Ph.D, Professor, Counseling
and Career Development

"This book is every CEO's guide to digital reinvention."

– EMILIO PARDO, Senior VP, Chief Marketing
and Communications Officer at Jackson

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We collaborate with ambitious
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We collaborate with ambitious
brands and people; we'd love to build something great

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