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Engaging the “new life” stage

In 1958, when AARP was formed, most of the workforce dedicated their lives to a single career and retirement was a given. Yet in today’s world, we’re living longer, delaying retirement or not retiring at all. AARP Life Reimagined, a start-up, was a key initiative to meet these opportunities and challenges by offering tools to 40-65 year olds looking to live their best life.


According to the founders of Life Reimagined, the new life stage is marked by paradox: loss and gain, finishing and starting, retreating and risk-taking, fear and optimism, liberation and attachment; caring for self and caring for other; saving the world and savoring the world. Our role was to translate this vision into a product and service that people would be compelled to use because it offered so many meaningful ways to engage.

FIGURE 1.1 AARP Life Reimagined focused on this new life stage, where productive years are extended and second careers embraced.

Getting to the heart of the matter

In a time and culture of self-help, we built technology that allowed users to make personal discoveries by watching videos, taking quizzes, journaling, and engaging with other interactive activities — all from our library of reusable elements. As such, users could directly experience the most salient points from a thought leader’s books or teachings, and our project managers could assemble programs in a custom-built CMS in conjunction with experts.


“Based on the concepts of BJ Fogg, an expert in behavior change, we designed fun activities with bite-size goals so users could see progress at their own pace”


— Leslie, Project Manager

Turning life into play

In an effort to better understand our users and offer a hyper-personalized experience, we created a playful way for them to declare their interests. For instance, if a user selected “coping with stress,” the site would serve up programs and articles of utmost relevance.

Mockup 01@3x

Enticing the user

We created a smart homepage, which changed based on the traffic source and/or user profile. Modular pieces combined dynamically to serve up content that would be most relevant, offering enticing reasons to stay on the site and increasing the likelihood of registration.

01-01 copy@3x

Getting vision on the future

We digitized a vision board, a collage of visuals and quotes. Users could select images from our library or upload their own to map out their personal, financial, work and relationship goals. A free, creative activity, it provided an opportunity for users to move down the funnel as they felt inspired to seek guidance on how to bring their dreams to fruition.

vision board copy@3x

“We came out of this project with greater interest in our well-being, and by applying the principles we learned through the work, we were actually better able to focus on the work itself”


— Erika, Copywriter

Making progress possible

We created an activity that made goal-setting game-like, playful and fun to help users jumpstart their action plans. The activity gave them the chance to combine aspects of their gifts and passions and led to innovative thinking on how to achieve their goals, which meant they could start making progress.

Screenshot 2018-06-24 15.28.09@3x

Starting a dialogue

Longform articles were an opportunity to explore the well-being, work and relationships verticals and featured embedded activities that boosted registrations. Not only were they an effective method of starting a dialogue with consumers in specific content areas, but also they provided a resource for the site’s life coaches, who shared them with their clients.



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